Banks Are Failing: You’re Going to Bail Them Out! (Here’s How)

from George Gammon

HSBC banking crisis ??INTEL YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! ?? And guess who is bailing out HSBC or Deutsche Bank if they go bust? YOU will be bailing them out, along with your children and grandchildren! But it’s not just HSBC, it’s all the big banks outside the US, and the US banks probably aren’t too far behind! Especially if the US goes down the Japan/Europe road of negative interest rates. Whether it’s HSBC or Deutsche Bank or any other the central banks have rendered their business model structurally unprofitable. And unfortunately YOU GOING TO GET STUCK BAILING THEM OUT! In a lot of cases you already are bailing them out. Of course I explain everything in simple, fast steps!

If you’re interest in the future of the economy this is for you!!

In this HSBC big bank bailout video I’ll discuss the following:

1. The details of HSBC’s recent collapsing numbers.
2. Why the retail banking model is now structurally unprofitable.
3. How YOU will get stuck bailing them out.

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