Why Millennials Support Communism (Fireside Chat Ep. 118)

from PragerU

More than a third of millennials now approve of communism. Dennis Prager discusses why this disturbing fact is a result of the poor education system. Students today are not taught to understand the evils of communism and why it is a dangerous ideology.

5-Minute Video: Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism? https://www.prageru.com/video/why-isn…

0:00 Hello And Thanks For The Otto Love
0:50 Millennials Approving Of Communism
2:00 Dennis Studied Communist Affairs
3:20 Our Poor Education System
4:49 Most Important Subjects To Learn
6:09 Live Free Or Die
7:26 Tremendous Communist Suffering
10:06 Preferred Pronouns Are Not An Issue
11:55 Enforced Ignorance
12:30 Too Much Money Given To Israel?
15:53 Romanticizing The LGBT Lifestyle
20:38 Key Attributes For Success
24:06 We Have Defined Success Incorrectly
25:08 Who Cares What College You Went To
27:40 What Does Success Mean?
30:30 All Firesides Are Valuable And Relevant