California’s Nightmare is Spreading Nationally

by Lloyd Marcus
American Thinker

I recently returned home to West Virginia from filming my Trump Train 2020 song music video in California. It was exciting and fun — a sound stage; green screen; lights; cameras; and the director yelling, “Action!”

With the mixed bag of enthusiastic locals we used as extras, the atmosphere in the studio felt like a Trump rally. They love Trump and eagerly want to do their part to help him “Keep America Great.” The Trump Train 2020 song official music video will be released early February.

Folks, it is pretty crazy out there in California. We were not in San Francisco, where they give tourists maps to avoid piles of human excrement. We rode past a private home with a rainbow sign stating that all gender identities were welcomed. The restrooms at the San Diego airport car rental center had signs assuring gender-confused men that they are welcome into women’s restrooms.

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