Brexit Divorce is Final, What Happens Next?


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The UK’s divorce from the EU is final on Friday after almost four long years. It will seem like a non-event because the current trade arrangements remain in place through December 31, 2020. By then new trade agreements need to be in place. Can the UK and EU come to terms in the next eleven months when they couldn’t since June 2016?
Additionally, derivative settlement agreements must be resolved 12 months after a hard Brexit. That date coincides with LIBOR’s death. Is that a coincidence?
It should be easy to see that black swans are flying. Exactly when one will land is anyone’s guess, but when it happens, it will be nasty. And while bankers and governments want you to think there is safety in government debt, spot gold is telling a very different story.
In terms of Euro’s, spot gold has concluded the cup formation (accumulation pattern) that began in 2013. That is the true flight to safety asset, but only if you hold it because then what you have is real and not subject to the whims of bankers and politicians.


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