Heh Jackasses in Tallahassee…

by Karl Denninger

Let me guess — you’ll come up with more bull**** excuses just as you did after Florida’s Secretary of State gave driver licenses to Saudi Citizens who were here on non-immigrant visas before 9/11, and those were the ID used to board the planes.

This, I remind you, led tot he so-called “Real ID” act and insanity that followed it. What should have happened instead of allowing that governor of the time (Bush) to run for President is that everyone involved from the Governor on down should have been charged as accessories before the fact to 3,000 murders, tried and thrown in prison for life. Those people were neither lawful permanent residents or citizens and had no business being given a valid State ID.

But no! We can’t actually hold people accountable for outrageous actions that have no basis in reality and wind up getting people killed.

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