China’s Building a New Terracotta Army With Borrowed Money

by Tom Dyson
Casey Research

Chris’ note: For over 18 months, Palm Beach Research Group co-founder Tom Dyson has been backpacking around the globe with his ex-wife and kids… journaling what he sees unfolding in the world economy… and thinking about new ways to build long-lasting wealth.

Before he left on this journey, he sold all of his stock holdings and transferred all his assets into gold – a move we’re a huge fan of at Casey Research.

Tom sends out daily Postcards to his readers (which you can instantly sign up for by clicking here) with unique boots-on-the-ground insights.

As you know… that type of research is our bread and butter at the Dispatch. So today, we’re sharing one of Tom’s Postcards that gives an interesting insight into China’s economy.

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