By Impeaching Trump, the Democrats Are Destroying Both Our Political System and Their Chances of Winning in 2020

by Michael Snyder
The Economic Collapse Blog

The Democrats probably never imagined that this effort to remove Donald Trump from office would backfire so spectacularly. Yes, it was always a foregone conclusion that they would be able to impeach Trump in the House, but they were expecting that a majority of the American people would rally around them and that simply has not happened. In fact, we just got some brand new numbers that are incredibly good news for President Trump. As you will see below, public support for impeachment continues to fade, and a brand new survey just found that President Trump would beat all of the major contenders for the Democratic nomination if the 2020 election was held today. At one time, it appeared that the Democrats were likely to win the 2020 presidential election in a historic landslide, but now thanks to this impeachment debacle the numbers have shifted dramatically in Trump’s favor. And if Trump does ultimately end up winning, the Democrats are going to be kicking themselves for ever going down this road in the first place.

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