Gwen Preston – The Case for Copper and Gold

from Financial Survival Network

There’s a reason why Gwen Preston calls herself the Resource Maven. She’s a believer in the long term viability of the mining industry. If you don’t believe it, look around your home and think what would be left if we didn’t have copper. While it’s been trading below $3 a pound for quite a while, it can’t stay that way, because demand will keep increasing and we will hit a supply shortage. New sources will have to be developed and that’s a very capital intensive endeavor. So somewhere in the future is $4 and higher copper, economics will eventually dictate it. Gwen’s expecting the usual seasonal bump for gold. After that it’s anyone’s guess. But don’t worry too much about the Millennial generations inability to understand precious metals. They chased Bitcoin to the stratosphere and they’ll eventually chase gold as well.

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