Triple Lutz Report #464 – Why California is Burning and Hawaii

from Financial Survival Network

I just had the pleasure of attending Jason Hartman’s Profits in Paradise and his mastermind Venture Alliance. Besides being great fun there was much to be learned there. When I look at all the investment experts who’ve been on the show, Jason stands out from the crowd. With safe stable returns and a proven system for wealth accumulation, that’s why I’ve decided to work with him as an investment councilor. I saw the devastation of the California wildfires up close and personal. It was horrifying. Fire knows no prejudice. It goes after everything and everyone in its path. Frightening. Our hearts go out to the people whose lives have been disrupted and damaged. But as always, it’s largely the government’s fault as well as rabid environmentalism. Believe it or not, the paper/wood industry is the forest’s greatest friend. You wouldn’t know it to hear the media, but its decline has led to greater and greater wildfires out West. And the trend will continue until we come to our collective senses.

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