Medical Hacks with Dr. Elaina George

from Financial Survival Network

Dear FSN Member:

I am pleased to send you a list of 11 medical hacks, compiled by noted physician Dr. Elaina George that can help save you thousands each year. Recently I had blood work done by AnyLabTestNow. The cost was just $99, far less than the $500 charged to me several months earlier for the identical test by one of the major lab companies.

I’ve been using a healthcare cost sharing plan for the past 4 years. This hack alone has saved me nearly $50,000. Applying the hacks listed could annually save you 10’s of thousands as well.

Being a 21st century informed medical consumer often means thinking outside the box. You personally have the power to dramatically alter the corporatized/socialized medical landscape that has evolved over the past 75 years. You simply need to exercise your prerogative and spend your healthcare dollars where they will do you and your family the most good.

Hopefully this list will help send you down the path of being an empowered consumer of healthcare services.

Good luck and good health.
~ Kerry

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