Consistency Equals Podcasting Success – Show #43

from Viral Podcasting

When it comes to success in podcasting, consistency is the key. Whether it’s releasing shows at regular intervals and times or consistent quality, when you deliver your audience comes to trust you and you insure that they download all your episodes as they become available. They understand that you are reliable partner who can be counted upon. When you fail at consistency as I have at numerous times, your credibility will take a hit. You also need to be consistent in self-improvement and improving your show. Until we’re all perfect at everything we do, there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s cutting down on verbal stumbles, annunciating words more clearly, doing a better job with show notes, you can take small steps towards improvement that lead to big gains in audience and income. It’s all up to you. Just promise to make one improvement per week and watch your listernship take off.

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