Triple Lutz Report #461 – Manafort Hung Jury Coming Up

from Financial Survival Network

The jurors keep deliberating on the fate of former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. Was he just a plant as Q anonclaims and this is his rightful reward for screwing things up and allowing Trump to get the Republican nomination? Or is he just trying to squeeze Manafort into dropping the dime on Trump? In this case a tie is a win for Manafort. Let’s face it, everyone knows that the Mueller Probe is just a pile of Muler Dung. It’s clear that politicization has hit the judicial system, like it ever left, as a result of the national split resulting from the Trump Presidency. Is it any surprise that even in Alexandria Virginia there’s a few latent Trumpers who are out to see that justiceis done? There are probably 2-3 seemingly apolitical types who’ve infiltrated the jury and are casting their votes for Manafort’s innocence. Jury nullification at its finest!

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