Lior Gantz – Cryptos Coming Back and Cannabis to Rise

from Financial Survival Network

Lior Gantz is still a believer in the dividend aristocrats, those stocks that have kept raising their dividends for decades. That’s where the bulk of his assets are invested. He’s also keen on Cryptos and believes that they are on their way back. He called them well before and thinks the time is again right. When it comes to Cannabis he is hot on our sponsor’s stock Pure Global Cannabis. He believes that their management is first rate and that their focus on the medical space is the key to building a long term viable brand. Educating the public about small cap stocks is crucial to create a retail market to help the company thrive. That’s why we will only allow sponsors that we believe will be superior performers over the long haul. If we don’t like a company, we walk away. That’s our promise to you.

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