John Lee Dumas – Consistently Striving for Greatness (#34)

from Viral Podcasting

When it comes to podcasting, everyone knows John Lee Dumas. He’s a modern day legend. From starting a podcast with modest goals, he’s built an empire. After serving as an officer on the battlefields of Iraq, he went through a number of profitable careers, but always lacked a sense of fulfillment. But he kept at it and eventually gravitated to podcasting. We first connected during a Cliff Ravenscraft mastermind group, when he was just getting started. Fast forward 6 years later, John is living the dream and has taught thousands of others how to master the art of podcasting. As John puts it, “You start out with very few people actually listening to your show. You keep at it and then all of a sudden 2 years, you’re an overnight sensation.” But remember, just because you know how to talk doesn’t mean you can be a podcaster. There’s a lot more to success than being able to string a catchy sentence together. You need that something extra and John has obviously found it.

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