How Stem Cells Can Help You (#1)

from Stemcell Solutions

Dr. Giuseeppe Paese has dedicated his life to helping relieve his patients’ pain. As a chiropractor, he enjoyed working with his patients and relieving their pain. But he always felt limited. There was only so much relief he could afford using conventional methods. So he went back to medal school and picked up a degree in osteopathic medicine. He opted for a more holistic approach. He wanted to treat the disease instead of the symptoms, specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Then he earned a degree in interventional pain medicine to further his ability to treat pain. He was looking for a better way to treat the root cause of pain. He discovered stem cell work and platelet rich plasma. He then did a follow-ship in stem cell therapy and he’s been treating patients with stem cells ever since. He remembers his first stem cell procedure like it was yesterday. His patient was scheduled for surgery and decided to give stem cells a try. Dr. Paese did the procedure. The results were amazing. Reduced pain and better movement, all within just 2 weeks! Armed with his own personal experience and that which he gained from treating his many patients, he’s now on a mission to use stem cells to help as many people as possible.

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