Keys to Effectively Editing Your Podcast (#22)

from Viral Podcasting

Editing is a sticky issue, especially with beginning podcasters, but even more experienced ones are often guilty. The purpose of editing isn’t supposed to make you sound perfect. Over-editing/over-productions makes you sound unnatural and fake. You can edit your way to perfection, but is that really what you want. Don’t be overcritical of yourself. It was cause you to be disappointed with your performance, no matter how good it might be. Edit out obvious blunders, mistakes and miscues. Filter out pops, clicks and hiss. The best way to insure good post-production is to do good work in the first place. Skype can cause issues with your sound quality. Hardwire Skype, take it off of wifi. If you interview guests, you’ll quickly discover that most of them are not technically proficient in audio settings and quality. Never let them use the built-in a microphone with built-in computer speakers. Get them to at least use earbuds or headphones. You’ll get better quality all around. Echo can never be eliminated. You sound quality is only as good as your original setup. Develop your feel for the money lines in interviews. Highlight them at the beginning of the segment. If you run over on your show, mark good spot and figure out what you want included. Remember you can always hire an editor to do it for you, however, make sure they don’t overproduce. Always make sure you sound natural and authentic.

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