The Morgan Report’s Weekly Perspective for March 24th, 2017

from The Morgan Report

Precious Metals expert David Morgan comments on something that’s really in front of a lot of people… Bitcoin. A single Bitcoin transaction takes an extreme amount of energy to complete, enough electricity to power 1.7 American households for a day. Is it true, looks like it. Billionaires are cornering the gold market. Soros, et al. Soros believes that China’s economy is ready for a crash. Are banks about to derail the new US Shale Boom? Banks are getting ready to review the credit lines of major shale producers. Much of it is off balance sheet financing. Canadian Solar is not doing well. Things across the board are contracting. The new sub-prime is starting to melt down. Student loans, collateral free loans with no means of collecting. High default rates over 11 percent. A record number of fund managers are saying that the stock market is overvalued. David believes that the market has been in a distribution pattern for quite a while. And David Stockman has brought to everyone’s attention that we’ve hit the debt limit, yet once again. Silver jewelry was strong in 2016. Demand was stronger than any other jewelry type during the 2016 Christmas Season.

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