Gold & Silver Becoming Legal Money? – Reclaiming Our Liberty as Free Persons

from The Morgan Report

Precious Metals expert David Morgan notes that Utah and Idaho legislatures are working to pass bills aimed at eliminating capital gains tax on Gold & silver, since these are true money, and citizens shouldn’t have to pay gains tax just due to exchange rates between different currencies, caused by Fed policy that inflates away the value of our US Dollars. Utah gold & silver legal tender laws, and where this is heading… Why is it so critical that these states’ government, despite the fiat monetary system are forcing the admission that gold & silver are true money? As discussed at the Anarchapulco conference this week: “Thrive” Movie declares that banks and “corporatism” are above the government in elite levels of power today. Why do banks and governments hate real money? US Silver Eagles and US Gold Eagles are stamped by the mint with a face value of US Dollars. They are true legal tender. What does this mean and what power does this give us despite coming collapse or reset? Historical cycles of honest money & sound finance overtaken by central backs, fiat currency at interest, indebting all citizens with a debt they can never get out of. Truly a ponzi scheme: the first “investors” get paid back by later investors, but the pool of debtors ALWAYS increases. Expecting a huge reset. Will the bankers be ahead of it or behind it? Will the power elite fight back against free people using gold & silver as real money? To reclaim your liberty as a free person: Don’t be a socialist (Democrat or Republican) corporate person under the Social Security System, or you are legally owned by the state.

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