David Brog – Reclaiming Israel’s History

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With Israel headlining the news cycle and Trump vowing to back Israeli 100%, David Brog’s new book, Reclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace, is crucial now more than ever as no history is so disputed as the history of Israel. Some see Israel’s creation as a dramatic act of justice for the Jewish people. Others insist that it was a crime against Palestine’s Arabs. Author and founder of Christians United for Israel David Brog untangles the facts from the myths to reveal the truth about the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In Reclaiming Israel’s History you’ll learn:

  • How the Jewish people have maintained a continual presence in the Land of Israel for over 3,000 years – despite centuries of Roman, Byzantine, and Muslim persecution;
  • How the Romans invented the word “Palestine” as a way to sever the connection between the Jewish people and their land (and how subsequent conquerors doubled down on this strategy);
  • How modern Jewish immigration to Palestine did not displace Arabs but instead sparked an Arab population boom;
  • The largely untold story of how the leader of Palestine’s Arabs collaborated with the Nazis to murder Jews in Europe before they could reach their ancestral homeland.

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