David Fischer – Expectations For 2017 (#25)

from The Golden Rule with David Fischer

This week with David Fischer…

  1. We are in the early year of trading, give us your 2017 expectations for the Dow, the Dollar, Oil, Gold, the Fed raising rates.
  2. Do you think Trump will be able to get tax reform done?
  3. Corporate
  4. Personal
  5. Creating a tax liability on American businesses moving abroad
  6. Will we see next year more problems in banks that we saw in 2016 like a Deutsche Bank or Monte Pashi?
  7. Is the Bail In something we should be concerned about?
  8. If somebody called your company and they already received the information packet you sent out and they read a portion of that and they are wanting to move forward in investing in precious metals. Can you walk us through the process?

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