Colonel Denny Gillem – Questions of a Trump Troop

from Financial Survival Network

Questions of a Trump Troop Available Interviews with Retired US Army Serviceman of 22 Years and Recipient of Seven Valor Awards in Combat Colonel Denny Gillem President-elect Donald Trump believes the Obama administration has weakened the American military. He campaigned on a promise of greater security, particularly against terrorism. In his campaign, Trump called for 90,000 more Army soldiers, a 350-ship Navy, 100 more fighters, and strengthened nuclear and missile defenses. * Is this a realistic view or plan? * What is the future outlook of our military under Trump? * Did Obama truly weaken us or is that an over statement? Do we really need transgender troops and female infantry fighters? Are they a plus or a major liability? The colonel thinks they hurt our fighting ability and he’s probably correct. We need a major military rebuilding done now!

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