Possible Presidential Cabinet Positions – The Definitive Guide – Prez Trump‘s Administration

from Bill Still

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SR 1340 Possible Presidential CABINET POSITIONS – The DEFINITIVE GUIDE – Heads of Prez Trump‘s Administration
President-Elect Donald J Trump is busy picking his Executive Branch Presidential Administration. At present here are some of the picks in play as of November 11th:
Rudy Giuliani – Attorney General,
Newt Gingrich – Secretary Of State,
Lt. Gen Michael Flynn – Defense Secretary or National Security Adviser,
Finance Chairman Steve Mnuchi – Treasury Secretary,
Republican National Committee Finance Chair Lew Eisenberg – Commerce Secretary,
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus – White House Chief of Staff,
Trey Gowdy – Attorney General or FBI director
KellyAnne Conway – White House Chief of Staff or Assistant to the President and Press Secretary or Communication Director
More to come…

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