No More Pardons – Heads Must Roll – Not Vindictive, Rule of Law Absolute Necessity

from Bill Still

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on offering No Pardons – Heads Must Roll

SR 1338 – NO MORE PARDONS – HEADS MUST ROLL – Not Vindictive, Rule of Law Absolute Necessity
So I just had to take a break. It’s been a pretty-much unbroken chain of no days off for the last 18 months. I just had to stop and recalibrate. Even now, it’s 6 pm and I just had to take a caffeine tablet to keep me from falling asleep right now.
So that’s enough of the whining. Back to it.
Oops, I just can’t let this go one more minute without mentioning it. I sincerely thank every one of you that dug deep to support us in the last 3 months of this campaign. We just could literally not have stayed on guard duty as hard and as long as we did without that support.
This was a really, really close election – and if the Never-Trumpers have their way they may still try to overturn it.
Bottom line — that ain’t gonna happen. Trump is in the White House on Jan. 20th and the result is 3 or 4 supreme count picks for the home team. But in addition a few other lovely parting gifts, the destruction of socialized medicine, the hard stop of any future illegal immigration, the forced deportation of thousands of illegal alien criminals, kiss your beloved Iran nuke deal good-bye, etcetera, etcetera.
In the words of that mighty statesman Somebody Obama:
“Elections have consequences.”
And here are the consequences. If you are a hard-working, law abiding citizen of the United States – no matter what race – no matter how much or how little money you have – you will have nothing – ZERO – to fear from President Trump. Nothing but good things will come your way for at least the next 4 years.
If you are here to do this nation harm, you better be packing up for Canada now. At least that way, your departure from home will be at a time of your choosing.
Back to my point – those of you who supported us – may played a pivotal role in making this election happen. I don’t know to what extent – and we’ll never know for sure this side of the pearly gates – but the narrowness of the wins in a bunch of these states was between half a percent and 2 percent.
And I’d like to think that you guys helped move the needle this year, when your country needed you the most. Thank you. Thank you. Now —
I think it’s just hilarious that all of a sudden the new Democrat talking points are all centered around dropping all the Clinton investigations lest the incoming President Trump – wow – President Trump – I hope this isn’t just a good dream –— or the incoming President Trump will be branded as vindictive!
So, “vindictive” — that’s going to be the new Democrat talking point from here to the inauguration. Just watch.
And another thing, we better get used to it because just as sure as Juan Williams has kept up his lie about Trump said mean things about Latinos – when he didn’t …..
Here’s what Trump said – to paraphrase his quote from memory – The Mexican government is smarter than our government officials because they saw the opportunity to unload their jails of their worst criminals – their criminals that cost the government THE most money to continually incarcerate.
And so they unloaded all their prisons of the killers and the rapists and sent them to the USA while the borders remained totally open under Obama.
That’s what Trump said, Juan – oh new head of the Democrat propaganda machine.
Trump never said all Mexicans are killers and rapists. I know you don’t have anything you feel is more effective, but it’s a lie and every time I hear you say it going into this new year, I’m gonna be right here to call you a liar.

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