Come in Off the Ledge

by Karl Denninger

Have you ever seen a Presidential candidate openly support the 10th Amendment for real when it comes to an issue he or she personally is on the other side of?

Watch this one folks:

[…] Let’s put some context on this.

Donald Trump does not use any intoxicants and never has. He does not drink, and never has. He does not smoke weed, and never has. Unlike most of the other Presidential candidates (and Presidents) we’ve had in the 40ish years I’ve been sentient enough to have a cogent opinion of the political landscape he simply never has partaken of anything that intentionally alters his mental state for recreational purposes.

We’ve always chosen between candidates who consume alcohol ‘socially’ (cut the crap; it’s recreationally and booze is a drug) and in most cases they’ve admitted to previous use of other drugs on a recreational basis, legal or not. We think this is ok because most of us use some drug on a recreational basis. I in fact used one last night; I drank a beer after running about 4 miles. It was yummy.

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