Brexit II

by Gary North

This Presidential election will go into the history books.

Trump has inflicted a huge loss on the American Establishment. At one point, Dow Jones futures were down 900 points. He has inflicted a setback to the New World Order. The New York Times ran an article on this, written early in the morning. Headline: Donald Trump’s Victory Promises to Upend the International Order.

JERUSALEM — Donald J. Trump’s stunning election victory on Tuesday night rippled way beyond the nation’s boundaries, upending an international order that prevailed for decades and raising profound questions about America’s place in the world.For the first time since before World War II, Americans chose a president who promised to reverse the internationalism practiced by predecessors of both parties and to build walls both physical and metaphorical. Mr. Trump’s win foreshadowed an America more focused on its own affairs while leaving the world to take care of itself.

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