WW3, Clinton Rigging Election, Economic Crash Waiting – Expert Michael Snyder Interview

from FutureMoneyTrends

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One of the most dedicated economic collapse statistic exposers is on today, Michael Snyder, with a focus on the 2016 Election and US & Russia relations which haven’t been worse since the fall of the Berline Wall. Voting machines were rigged in 2012 against Romney and they’ll likely be again this year against Trump whom the elite establishment do not want to win.

00:35 Election Predictions: Rigging for Hillary?
01:00 2012 Voting Machines were Rigged for Obama
04:10 What if they stole Texas from Donald Trump?
08:00 Elite Establishment want Clinton for status quo
08:30 Collapse paused waiting for Election Results
10:00 US’ Historic debt burden to pass $20 Trillion
12:00 Barack Obama only president less than 3% GDP growth
14:30 US-Russia relations worse since 1990, War?
16:30 US Threatening to strike Russians in Syria
18:00 If Hillary wins, war almost inevitable

Get more from Michael: http://TheEconomicCollapseBlog.com