Why Being “Certain” Is Your Portfolio’s Worst Nightmare

by Avi Gilburt
Gold Seek

How many of you approach life expecting “certainty?” How many of you always see all your plans through life work out exactly as you had expected? Think back to just the past year alone, and ask yourself how well those things you were so “certain” of last year have worked out.

Anyone who has any experience in life knows that life, by definition, is simply uncertain. I will give you a personal example. I was lucky enough to marry an incredibly wonderful woman, who also happened to be eight years younger than me. And, of course, we were looking forward to a long wonderful life together, and I fully, and “reasonably,” expected her to outlive me to the difference in our ages. Yet, in an extremely unfortunate turn of circumstances, she contracted a very rare form of cancer when the youngest of our four children was 11 days old, which ultimately took her life.

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