Trump Rally Violence Came from Crooked Hillary Clinton

from Bill Still

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on
Trump Rally Violence Came from Crooked Hillary Clinton
Having been to a good many Trump rallies, we knew that the MSM was lying when they said that the violence came from Trumpsters.
One of these idiot lefty plants was sitting in the seat directly behind me at one of them – my age, but dirty, smelly, and with a black beard died with blue streaks.
When his time came, he stood up and started yelling at Trump and made a big fuss as security took him out.
But there is a big difference knowing that there was some sinister organization behind these guys, and actually seeing the head of this organization admit that he paid mentally ill people – the handicapped, homeless people, and hoodlums to participate in this stuff.
That’s what James O’Keef’s Project Veritas has done. In the real USA, all a real FBI would have to do is to show this to a Judge, get the search warrants, and start rounding up their computers and records and indict hundreds of the so-called contractors. Heck, these are nothing more than domestic political terrorists trying to destroy the democratic process.
Just like Crooked Hillary said in SR 1271 this morning – if Trump wins, then they are all going to the gallows.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.

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