The Rigged Economy

by Bill Bonner
Acting Man

The Madness of QE

BALTIMORE – Like a house on fire, the election continues to draw a crowd of gawkers. We joined them for the final debate, warming our hands and hoping to see the whole damned place burn down.

[…] Like the ancient serpent deity Glycon (whom we have discussed previously), the candidates promised miracles galore: they shall tell fortunes, help find fugitive slaves, detect thieves and robbers, cause the discovery of treasures, heal the sick, and raise the dead. It will be a glorious future!

The debate brought a shift to policy issues. But, as usual, it was a pathetic discussion. One, a slick, conniving pro with more jackass solutions to the problems she helped cause. The other, floundering, unable to form a coherent critique of his opponent’s claptrap programs.

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