**** The Police

by Karl Denninger

If the police (irrespective of the sort; Federal, State or Local) will not arrest the principals when a federal offense is admitted to on video, then the only response that anyone of any intelligence can have to cops until those arrests are made is “**** the Police.”

Watch this:

[…] This video contains a raw statement that Hillary Clinton coordinated with and in fact personally ordered these political attacks by a so-called “uncoordinated” group of people.

Look folks, it’s a federal offense for a campaign — and Hillary’s campaign is implicated as discussing explicit details of the disruptive activities of these “so-called uncoordinated” series of acts — to coordinate, say much less directly put forward the “Donald Ducks” idea.

This is illegal — period — and yet it is on video.

And not just Hillary — but the DNC’s Brasille, who they allegedly had to clear the events through.

Folks, I don’t care if this is a candidate now two weeks before the election — or is someone who isn’t running.  The law is the law and it is clear that the entire DNC and Hillary’s campaign are implicated on video tape committing federal offenses, and that Hillary herself steered and approved said messaging.

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