The Most Important Ten Minutes In U.S. History

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

This is the first time I’ve ever written my weekend article on Friday morning; but frankly, I couldn’t wait, as NEVER before have I been so motivated. Which is saying a lot, given that I’ve penned roughly 2,000 articles over the past 15 years. The reason being, that NEVER have I felt so endangered, and NEVER have I experienced an event that could “make or break” my life – for now, and potentially forever. Not to mention, my daughter’s nascent life, and the lives of you and your families – no matter what state, nation, or continent you reside in.

That even, of course, is next week’s presidential election. Which, with each passing day, the gravity of which becomes more and more obvious. And consequently, the horrific ramifications, which are unlikely to ever be reversed, if Hillary Clinton’s socialist, warmongering, rights-stealing, 1% enriching, America-destroying crony-capitalists succeed in taking the White House. Which, I might add, I am more confident than ever will NOT happen – as more than ever, going way back to what I wrote in the BrExit’s immediate aftermath, I believe Donald Trump will win in an historic landslide vote.

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