The Brutal Truth

by Karl Denninger

Last night there was somewhat of a ritualistic dinner held.

It was the Al Smith dinner, a white-tie affair, and a ritual that Presidential candidates, very late in the game, have usually taken part in. This year was no different, with both Hillary and Trump sporting their white-tie best.

But this is not your usual sort of passe’ thing. No, it’s a benefit, and as are many benefits in New York it was stuffed with priestly types and an extraordinary price tag — but, as is frequently the case when there are so many with a priestly bent headlining the event the money actually goes to a decent cause — in this case Catholic Charities. And, I might add, rumors are that they raised a record amount. Bravo.

This dinner is in fact a roast, and The Donald went first. He served up a menu that began with some self-deprecating humor, as is the usual fare. But then, after getting the crowd nice and warm, with chuckles and even roars of approval, he dropped the hammer:

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