The Big Lie

by Karl Denninger

Read this one carefully folks:

“Wait a second,” Emanuel said. “If you listen to the full thing that he said, I think he has a point, which is that for Americans between 250 percent of the poverty line and 400 percent of the poverty line, roughly $50,000 to $100,000, we need to bolster the subsidies in the individual market.”

Emanuel went on to say most of those people get insurance through their employer, and he criticized companies for placing burdensome health care costs on the employees.

There is no such thing as “placing a cost on an employer.”

Each employee has a cost and salary (or hourly wage) is just a part of it. The rest are taxes, fees, overhead (e.g. the space you occupy and the machinery you use), and government mandates. This all adds up to a figure.

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