The Alt-Trump?

from New York Sun

The idea that Donald Trump’s campaign is borderline anti-Semitic is being hauled out this week as we hurtle toward Election Day. No one suggests Mr. Trump himself is hostile to Jews. The idea seems to be that because some of the alt-right groups are kvelling over his criticism of the big international banks and the Federal Reserve, Jews should vote for Hillary Clinton. Never mind that the Democrats have emerged as the party of appeasement in respect of, in Iran, the world’s most anti-Semitic regime.

This all burst into the headlines after Mr. Trump’s speech Thursday at Palm Beach. It was praised on a Web site called the Daily Stormer, which reported that in the speech Mr. Trump “affirmed” that the “the mass media isn’t ‘biased’ in the innocent sense, it’s the lying Jewish mouthpiece of international finance and plutocracy, seeking to protect agendas that make trillions of dollars for a small film of scum at the very top, at the expense of middle and working class Americans.”

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