The 2016 Election Is Rigged – Fortunately

by Gary North

The liberal Democrat site has done yeoman service by publishing three excellent articles on how and why the House of Representatives will not go Democratic in November.

[…] The reason is Elbridge Gerry, one of two “Founding Fathers” who really did understand practical politics. (The other was Aaron Burr.) He devised the system known as Gerrymandering. He was a Jeffersonian who figured out how to stymie the Federalists by re-drawing the districts of the Massachusetts state senate. He showed the state legislature, then under control by the Jeffersonians, how to design long, meandering districts that would embrace large numbers of Federalists, leaving the rest of the state filled with tightly knit House districts with just enough Jeffersonians living within them to win. This also turned out to work great for the House of Representatives. Here is the Wikipedia entry:

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