Steps & Tips on How to BEAT Clintons’ Voter Fraud Schemes in Your Area

from Bill Still

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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on SR 1301 – Steps & Tips – How to Beat Clintons’ Voter Fraud Schemes in Your Area

Larry Nichols worked for the Clintons in Arkansas, by his own admission he carried out some despicable orders on their behalf. He is now dying of cancer and has decided to spend the rest of his life keeping them out of the White House.
In a previous video he outlined how the Clinton Cartel rigged elections, he knows because he helped them do it in Arkansas.
He knows these 2016 elections are rigged as well. But he also knows how we can beat the system.
According to Larry, the safest way to vote is by Absentee ballot. I realize that a video just surfaced of a Postal worker destroying Republican ballots, but I believe this is not a widespread occurrence. Larry says this because the Absentee Ballots are unreachable by the Clinton Crime Syndicate.
Other than that, Larry says if you have electronic voting machines, it does not matter what brand. Larry says that although it is reported that George Soros owns machines in only 16 states, that is NOT true and he has a stake in more than just those machines previously identified. For this reason, Larry said that when you go to vote, ask the workers if they can provide you printed proof of your vote. He cited one case in Georgia where a woman had to vote 4 times before the print out registered her vote for Trump.
If they cannot provide you a print out of your vote, do not trust what the machine shows you as it can switch your vote after it is cast. Ask for a paper ballot. He said all precincts are supposed to have a paper ballot available.
Use your cell phone camera to record your vote and do not throw away your print out if you obtain on. Take a picture of the video ballot as cast, if it changes on the screen record that as well. Take a picture of your paper ballot as well. If you have any issues report them to the Board of Elections in your area. Also the Trump campaign posts numbers for you to call to report vote fraud.
All of this documentation will be used in the event that the results of the election have to be contested. Also, these records will be used to pull out as evidence when the MSM tries to say there is NO vote fraud.
We have included the link to the Larry Nichols tape in the comment section of this report as well as the phone numbers provided to call and report any inconsistencies in your area. We can beat the system; we just have to be diligent.

Please post this video in every social media outlet you have. We need people to have this information. And one more Note, whether you have already voted or not, please remember to wear red on November 8. The media will be out in force and we want a presence.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.


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