Seven Precious Metal Companies to Create Value for the Long Term

from The Gold Report

Tocqueville Asset Management invests in precious metals companies for the long term, looking for names that are innovative and creative in identifying properties and adding value to those properties, says Portfolio Manager and Senior Research Analyst Doug Groh. Geopolitical and financial concerns, as well as market fundamentals, favor gold over the longer term, he believes. In this interview with The Gold Report, Groh provides his analysis of the macro environment for precious metals and profiles seven companies with quality assets that he expects to create value.

The Gold Report: Doug, after the long run-up in the precious metals market for most of the year, October started off turbulently. What is your take on it?

Doug Groh: Gold has had a nice performance through the first nine months of the year, posting a 25% year-to-date appreciation. It’s not unusual for markets to correct in the fourth quarter, and we’re seeing that in gold.

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