RIP Conservative America

by Bill Bonner
Acting Man

Curiouser and Curiouser

BALTIMORE – “How President Clinton Will Handle a Hostile Congress,” reads a headline in the Financial Times. The “pink paper” isn’t waiting for the votes to be counted. Many Republicans, too, have given up trying to get Donald Trump into the White House.

[…] They’re abandoning him like a hunk of old cheese, hoping the smell doesn’t stick to their clothes; they want to get reelected. And so, the curious presidential election of 2016 just gets curiouser. What a spectacle!

Instead of attacking his opponent and her policies – which should be easy targets – Mr. Trump takes aim at his fellow Republicans. Senator John McCain is “very foul mouthed,” Trump snarled on Twitter.

House Majority Leader Paul Ryan is a “very weak and ineffective leader.” And “disloyal” Republicans are “far more difficult than Crooked Hillary.”

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