Return of the Loonie

by Evil Speculator
Acting Man

Holding Pattern

When it comes to interesting charts or marginally promising setups I’m pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel right now. Not surprising really, given that the few remaining market participants (bots! cough cough) are firmly set in a holding pattern after a one year sideways churn and an impending Presidential election on November 8th which is thought to have the potential to be the catalyst for changes in the financial arena. I for one hold very little hopes on that end, no matter which of the two candidates will be sworn in come January.

[…] Some folks complained to me about politics being discussed in the comment section, but quite frankly compared with the insanity I’m seeing over at Zero Hedge and other watering holes I think our crew here has remained incredibly focused throughout all this. Which speaks to the quality of the people on this board I am proud to say. Nevertheless I for one cannot wait for all the craziness to finally die down – at least a little – so that we can go back to business and bank us some coin!

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