Ready for the Crash?

by Karl Denninger

No, the ka-boom today was not due to the Killary news — although that news is both real and a big deal.

Someone obviously got to Comey. Maybe he figured out that while Obama would almost-certainly pardon Hillary on his way out the door irrespective of who wins the election Comey was not going to get any such favor, and if Trump wins he was potentially exposed to not only impeachment but possible criminal indictment himself.

Tampering is a big deal; formally, it’s called Obstruction of Justice and comes in a lot of forms. It’s also a well-worn way to wind up in the Graybar Motel for a very long time, and it’s also usually rather easy to prove when it happens.

One of the major issues that anyone who whitewashed or otherwise interfered with the investigation would have comes from the fact that a pardon would remove the ability of the person so-pardoned to take the 5th Amendment, because it is an unconditional grant of immunity.

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