Permanent Monetization?

by Chuck Butler
Daily Pfennig

Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well, the demons revisited me last night, and it was hell as I would imagine it… But… Here I am, recovered enough to sit down, and write a note to everyone today. I’m sad because, at the office, Pam had spooled up my fave deli for lunch today, and I was going to stay through lunch so I could enjoy a nice pastrami and pepper cheese sandwich with spicy mustard! UGH! Oh well, Jr. Walker and the All-Stars greet me this morning with their song: What Does It Take… (great saxophone playing in this song!)

Well, the dollar is back to its tricks of early last week, when it took no prisoners… As I looked over the currencies, metals, bonds, and commodities this morning, I couldn’t find one asset with a gain VS the dollar… Not one! Of course, by the time I finish this letter, there might be one or two, but at this point, it looks like one of those days were non-dollar holders will want to duck and take cover. Or… As I always point out… It does give buyers an opportunity to buy at cheaper levels… .

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