New Yorker on Trump Bandwagon?

by Monty Pelerin
Monty Pelerin’s World

Many are appalled at the current presidential election. Hillary Clinton, despite her deceit, lies, criminal offenses and unlikeability is considered the more acceptable candidate. The New Yorker on Trump explains why she is not and the phenomenon of Donald Trump.

Now let’s not lose sight of reality. The mainstream media believes Donald Trump is evil and unfit for the presidency. So too does the political establishment, and that includes too many Republicans. With so many against him, why would the New Yorker be for Trump? Actually the New Yorker is not for Trump, but they have presented one of the best analyses as to why Trump is attracting so much attention from voters.

Over a year ago, I described the public’s attraction to Trump as “not being one of them (the political establishment). Trump’s greatest asset is that he will break things. He appeals to many because he is viewed as a wrecking ball that dislikes the political establishment.

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