My Most Passionate Warning Yet

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Perhaps it’s the haze from the flu I had this weekend, although you wouldn’t have known it the way I played soccer yesterday morning – with as much passion to win, dehydration notwithstanding, as I can remember. To that end, I always play to win, no matter what I’m doing.

However, no outside influence, be it a virus or the drugs to defeat it, can deter the clarity of mind I feel when considering the dire state of the world – particularly America, as we head into the homestretch of without peer, the most important election in the nation’s 240-year history. And by important, I mean I truly believe all will be lost – for America, and perhaps much of the world – if the incumbent evil, which has torn the nation limb from limb for the past two decades, is able to pull off the con-job of the century, and steal the nation from the will of its increasingly angry, desperate citizens.

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