Monster Vote Rears Its Head in Florida – GOP With 11% Lead

from Bill Still

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Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the Monster Vote appears.
Monster Vote Rears Its Head in Florida – GOP With 11% Lead
Good morning, I’m still reporting on real voting going on in Florida.
The key battleground state of Florida has a huge population of vote-by-mail voters. This includes absentee voters, plus those who just prefer to vote by mail.
Of Florida’s 12 million voters 27.53% prefer to mail in their vote.
This is probably the biggest polling sample available on the Internet in near real-time – that is, it is updated several times a day by the Florida Division of Elections.
It is providing the best-available glimpse at how the election – at least in Florida — is turning out.
So let’s take a deep dive into these numbers. I’ll admit what my assumptions and skews are – and you can argue those – but given my assumptions, the results can now be quantified with some degree of confidence.
Currently, Republican voters lead 42.1 to 38.8%.
All the minor party votes are lumped together and although in some MSM national polls, the total of Johnson and Stein is 10% or more – just as we’ve predicted all along – in the end, that vote will return to closer to it’s historical average of about 1%.
In this extraordinary year, that total may be in the 2- 5% range, but it’s not going to be in the 5 to 10% range.
As we’ve seen over the past 2 months, as those voters abandon their favorite 3rd party candidates, Trump has been the major beneficiary – perhaps by a 70-30 margin.
For example, the RCP average already shows Johnson with 3.3% and Stein with 1.2% of the vote in Florida – for a total of 4.5% of the vote.
However, our vote-by-mail totals show the 3rd-party vote is currently running at 2.52% for all “Other” candidates put together.
Then there are the registered Independents in Florida.
Here is where part of the Monster Vote is lurking – lurking within this “No Party Affiliation” column. In Florida you can register as an independent, and it is about 8 times the size of the 3rd party vote.

There are 82,000 third-party voters and 626 thousand registered Independents.
As of this morning at 6 am, 16.6% of the vote-by-mail ballots that have been cast have come from registered independents.
Now keep in mind, we don’t know for sure for whom any of these vote-by-mail voters have actually cast ballots for, but we are assuming that 10% of Independents will decide for 3rd party candidates – and that is generous – and the rest of the independent vote will be split on a 70/30 basis for Trump.
We also assume that Trump will be the recipient of 70% of those who end up abandoning their 3rd party candidate.
So, let’s factor in those numbers. It’s a guess – but based on the above assumptions, a fair guess.
I’m giving Trump a +4% advantage in the crossover vote. So subtract 2% from the Democrats and add the same amount of votes to the Republicans.
Now, let’s say that 10% of the Independents vote 3rd party. That leaves 287,803 Independent votes to split up between Trump and Clinton. Again, our assumption is that 70% will go for Trump and 30% for Clinton.
Here are the results based on these assumptions:
53.4% Trump
42.4% Clinton
4.2% – Other
So based on these vote-by-mail results as of 6 am today, this is our estimate of the final Florida vote.
That’s an 11% margin of victory for Trump and anything over a 10% margin in Presidential politics is officially dubbed a landslide.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day.

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