Lords of the Locker Room

by Uncola
The Burning Platform

Fall is here and the Locker Room Brigades have taken the field. The preseason game is already underway. The stadium is slightly less than two-thirds full yet the fans are cheering their respective teams with vigor and the entire world is watching the game on television or at least periodically checking the score on TV, radio or online.

It is the Deplorables in red versus the Hypocrites in blue with Pepe the Mascot, a green frog with brown lips, running up and down the sidelines whipping the red team’s crowd into a frenzy. Yet the game is rigged because the referees and announcers are all corrupt and are coordinating an illegitimate victory on behalf of the Blue Hypocrites. In fact, the bias against the red team is so obvious, even the fans can see the blatant unfairness and undeniable prejudice.

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