Legend Says This Will Translate Into a $100 Spike in Gold Overnight

from King World News

As we approach the end of October in what has been a tough environment in the gold and silver markets, today a legend in the business sent King World News a powerful piece about the big picture and what will translate into a $100 spike in gold overnight.

Gold’s Surge To $1,600
By John Ing, Maison Placements

October 27 (King World News) – For almost two decades, these institutions manipulated rates for their own benefit. Is this the latest hedge fund rigging scandal? No, it’s the world’s leading central banks, including the Bank of Japan (BOJ) manipulating interest rates, after rounds and rounds of large scale quantitative easing (QE) that saw them buy up almost half of the Japanese ETFs. Yet despite manipulating the yield curve and creating money to buy assets like government debt and ETFs, there is growing concern they’ve reached their limit…

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