Las Vegas Oddsmaker Says Donald Trump Will Win

from Bill Still

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on
Las Vegas Oddsmaker Says Donald Trump Will Win
A lot of you have asked why I’ve not covered the polls for several days. Well, the MSM polls have all fallen into line. Even the UPI State Poll is either right and Clinton is the sure victor, or they too have fallen in the grip of the Clintonistas.
I’ll try to do a poll report very early tomorrow morning. But if it’s not up 7 am Pacific, then it won’t come out until noon PST.
However, a California reporter friend of mine just sent me this. It’s anonymous and unverifiable – and perhaps it’s just wishful think ing, but my sense is this may be true.
It is written very poorly – without the usual scientific detail that all my polling reports usually contain.
Is this an obvious flaw, warning us to dismiss it out of hand, or an overtaxed person dashing off a note to a friend – who then asks for a few more details so he or she can put it out for public consumption?
I don’t know. So, just throw this in your hopper for consideration. Just weigh it properly.
This broke 2 hours ago. From a Vegas Oddsmaker:
“I am a non partisan actuarial mathematic and scientifically based odds maker, for large Vegas casinos. I am paid to be correct, and if I am wrong, I do not get paid, or will be fired, or worse, seriously.
“Following the third debate, I have Trump up over Clinton 12 To 14 points, except in Massachusetts, and California, where Clinton has an 8 point lead.
“The latest narrative from the media is that Hillary has an insurmountable lead in New York. Thus is also lie.
“The narrative of media hype of somewhere between a landslide and a narrow win for Clinton, in fraud polling – please quote me – is a BIG LIE.
“Trump will be the next President of the United States.
“I have not been wrong in picking the winner of all US Presidential races since 1964, and I will not be wrong now.
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I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.
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