How the Government Uses the Banks to Choke Off Legal Businesses

And so by executive decree entire classes of businesses, including perfectly legal businesses that were already operating under strict licensing laws and regulatory regimes, became pariahs, cut off from the backbone of the financial system and scrambling to find backups

by James Corbett
The International Forecaster

Dear Consumer, Our biometric detection division has confirmed that you participated in the protests at last month’s coronation of Hillary Clinton as Supreme Leader of the United States for Life. Your case was reviewed by our enforcement personnel and you were found guilty of unlawful dissent. As a result, all of your financial accounts have been closed, your carbon credit allowance has been frozen, and your consumer participation chip has been deactivated.

[…] You have been downgraded from consumer to laborer. As such, you may proceed to the nearest Federal Emergency Management Agency labor camp to receive your work assignment. You will be provided a space in the dormitory and three meal credits per day.

All Hail the New United Nations, Praise Be to Secretary General Rothschild.

Sound like far-fetched science fiction fantasy? If only.

This is a letter from SunTrust Bank to Brian Lynn, a former Marine Corps officer and CEO of a payday lending company that had been operating 26 branches in Florida, Georgia and Alabama for over 20 years. In 2014 both Suntrust and Bank of America closed his companies deposit and account services with no warning or explanation.

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