Fleckenstein – David Rosenberg’s Proposal to Print Trillions of Dollars is Not Helicopter Money, It’s Cold Fusion

from King World News

On the heels of David Rosenberg’s proposal for the United States to print trillions of dollars to stimulate the sagging economy, King World News spoke with veteran short seller Bill Fleckenstein, who said that would not be helicopter money, instead it would be “cold fusion.”

Eric King: “Bill, there is this idea being floated around now that there is going to be trillions of dollars printed and that will be the solution to the economic problems of the United States — that was put out by David Rosenberg. But it’s so preposterous when I listen to that from an Austrian economic perspective. I wanted to get your thoughts.”

Bill Fleckenstein: “Am I shocked that such a thinker as fine as David Rosenberg talks about taking things to the next level, i.e. merging monetization with fiscal policy?

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