Five Years at Miles Franklin

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

Another day of “PM-bearish, everything-else-bullish headlines,” and another day closer to the inevitable, and perhaps imminent, end game for history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme. Yes, it appears the powers that be have markets under “lock down” in the weeks heading into most important election in U.S. – and by proxy, world –history, in their attempt to once and for all, completely commandeer government, and subsequently milk society of every last drop of wealth they’ve accumulated. However, simple math says they will fail, irrespective of whether “career criminal” Hillary wins the rigged election, whilst reality guarantees that the best plans of mice and men go awry – particularly when attempting to exploit billions of angry, disenfranchised people.

To that end, I’m not sure how much more I can implore you to play your part in preventing this worst-case scenario from occurring. Or, for that matter, how much time I can devote this financial blog to political issues.

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